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Press Start is a reoccurring feature that showcases artistic endeavors, screenshots, photos, puppet shows, epic poetry, and the like.

Mario can't resist.

During the chilly autumn, after a rain, people emerge from their country homes and traipse into the woods with baskets and buckets and a hunger for fungi.

The forest is dark and quiet. The people prod root systems and and sift through piles of crunched up leaves. Their eyes search tree trunks, tracing over shadows with a cartographer’s eye. Their circuitous paths through the trees are wound and twisted.

When they find a mushroom—one they can verify as non-poisonous, one that is assuredly delicious—they plunk it into their baskets and continue their hunt.

Mario? His hunt is never-ending. Yet while his efforts are prolonged, he can hunt for mushrooms all year long.