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With both geekery and cake decorating gaining cool points over the past few years, it’s no surprise that video game-themed cakes have been in vogue. Of all game cakes, wedding cakes tend to be the most intense.

You may now ride down Rainbow Road!

This amazingly detailed Mario Kart wedding cake is taken from a photo gallery on M.A.L.’s Flickr stream. From Rainbow Road to the Frappe Snowland snowmen to Princess Peach’s castle, the details on the cake are pixel-perfect.

BridePOP has a nice list of geeky cakes, many of which are game-related. This Mario cake and the following Pac-Man cake are sweet in both the literal and figurative sense—and geeky as all get out.

The happy couple: Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man!

This cake list at Rue the Day! is especially exhaustive, including console cakes, Zelda cakes, the aforementioned Mario and Pac-Man cakes, Katamari cakes, and more. There’s no end to the wedding cake geekery!

My favorite cake of the bunch is this Tetris cake. It scores points for both style and execution. With its gritty, dark-washed color scheme, it has the feel of an ancient Mayan temple.

It's a nice day for a... Tetris weddin'...

Offbeat Bride has some additional geeky wedding cakes to showcase. This list features cakes that are not just inspired by video games, but other sorts of games as well. There’s even a D&D cake! Roll for delicious, please.

Some people may balk at the idea of using something as frivolous as a video game as the centerpiece of a wedding. By their account, weddings require a certain measure of decorum, and video games lack gravitas. But within the societal framework of “getting married” is the barest of outlines for what a wedding actually entails.

If a couple wants to celebrate with play, that’s their prerogative. Studies out of the University of Denver show that “couples who play together stay together.” By incorporating shared passions into their wedding in a playful way, perhaps their actions bode well for happy times ahead!

You may now kiss the gamer.