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It’s a great time to be a foodie!

With the advent of cheap digital cameras, free graphics apps, Library of Alexandria-level recipe archives, and people’s widespread ambition to become one-person media empires (O HAI), there’s no lack of great food blogs to be had online.

Here are some of my favorite food blogs of the moment, in no particular order:

1. Serious Eats

Serious Eats is a monolithic resource of all things food. With topics ranging from weird candy to German Döners to the best cheese ever, it’s a fantastic place to get hungry. It’s also total eye candy, with gorgeous design and bright, well-lit photos.

2. Bakerella

Have you noticed an influx of books and articles about cake pops recently? Bakerella was the one who popularized them. With her clever baked creations, her blog makes even a non-baker like me want to pick up a sack of flour.

3. Baker’s Banter

Flour is flour, you say? Not so! King Arthur Flour has a blog devoted to baking and all it entails, from techniques to recipes and even the occasional reader survey. Their recent post about types of sugar is sure to gussy up your holiday baking.

4. Anonyme Köche

Yeah, I know. It’s in German. But ignoring that fact, the pictures are gorgeous. And if you can read German, then the writing is top-notch.