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Nothing says Halloween like carving a geeky facade into a big ol’ pumpkin.

Gone are the days where you can just cut a few triangles into your pumpkin and call it a day. (Unless you’re carving the Triforce.) No, if you want to show your geek cred, you need to get a bit more hardcore.

Awesome boredom-killing pumpkin from ceemdee on DeviantArt

The Most Epic Halloween Gaming Pumpkins on Ranker is a giant list of crazy awesome pumpkins. Everything from Minesweeper to Pitfall to Mario to Doom is represented.

Yet another cool pumpkin by ceemdee on DeviantArt

Kotaku has gotten into the act as well, aggregating pumpkins both carved and painted. Check the comments for a wall o’ pumpkins featuring such games as Beyond Good and Evil and Day of the Tentacle.

Yet another wall o' excellent pumpkin carvings by ceemdee

Want a Bioshock pumpkin? CousticHippy on DeviantArt is offering an easy-to-print pumpkin stencil.

But that’s not the only pumpkin stencil to be found online: ThinkGeek hosts a Great Geeky Pumpkin Template Contest every year, and quite a few of the stencils are game-related.

One of the more clever ones is a Portal-themed design that involves two pumpkins: one for the entrance portal, and one for the exit.

I have no objections to this Phoenix Wright pumpkin:

Phoenix Wright pumpkin from itatton on Flickr


Aw, heck, I guess I should end this by pointing out ceemdee’s DeviantArt page is a goldmine of great pumpkin design.