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At the end of October, Halloween pumpkins are starting to get a little ripe, a little creepy. In the name of the season, it works. Creepy jack-o-lanterns are awesome.

After Halloween, not so much.

What’s a person to do with so many old, oozy pumpkins? Take ’em to an annual Punkin’ Chunkin’ event, of course!

Pumpkin chunking is the sport of flinging pumpkins via trebuchet, catapult, gun, and sheer human power in order to achieve maximum distance. Pumpkins must remain intact when flung—pumpkins that collapse are affectionately known as “pie”—and multiple throws are averaged by pro surveyors and other GPS-savvy individuals.

The World Championships are annually held in Delaware during the first weekend after Halloween. (Presumably to get rid of oozy Halloween pumpkins.) The event started up in 1986 and has been going strong since, attracting hundreds of teams from across the States.

Unfortunately, the World Championships have had one casualty: a duck

According to Wikipedia, “Teams compete in the following divisions: Air Cannon, Female Air Cannon, Centrifugal, Catapult, Torsion, Trebuchet, Human Powered,
Youth Air Cannon, Youth Catapult, Youth Trebuchet, Youth Human Powered, Youth 10 & Under, and Theatrical.”

That’s a lot of ways to chunk a pumpkin!