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Sure, I love video games. I love the way the sounds coalesce with the visuals. I revel in the tactile pleasure of moving sprites with joystick commands. The artistry that goes into every pixel is nothing to sniff at.

But board games, too, deliver their own kind of joy.

One of my fondest memories is of playing Settlers of Catan with a bunch of American expats abroad. The intricate yet understandable game mechanics made for gameplay that never got old, and the game itself was perfect social grist, a way for us to mingle and chat.

Here’s listing of sites devoted to board game design, focusing on design for both business and personal enjoyment:

1. Board Game Designers Forum

Sure, this site has some info pages about the design process and prototyping and all that jazz, but its strength is its forum, which is busy enough to inspire ideas in the design process and a great way for game designers to share their knowledge. The new game ideas forum is a lot of interesting conversation going.

2. BoardGameBlogs

An aggregated collection of links on board games in all their iterations, BoardGameBlogs is constantly updated and a great way to get a feel for the landscape of board games and board game design.

3. BoardGameGeek

As befitting such a huge forum as BoardGameGeek, the board game design forums are active and thriving. And these people know board games! Topics run the gamut from what does a game designer do, in six words, to developer diaries and practical questions about dice and card design.