Once again, you’re in the kitchen cooking potatoes for dinner. Your potato crop was great this year, but you’re getting sick of the same old starch. Salt, pepper, done. Butter. A little bit of rosemary.

Your potatoes lack life.

It’s time to play a game. You pull out your Spice Wheel, a large carnival-style wheel filled with the names of a least a hundred spices from all over the world. You hang it on the pantry door and decide to be a bit daring and make not one-, but two-spin potatoes.

The first spin whirls into play. You watch the colors blur as they whiz past. They separate. The wheel slows. The needle lands on cinnamon.

You make a face. Cinnamon? That’s only for gingerbread and spice cookies, isn’t it? Maybe apples. But, gamely, you add just a dash of cinnamon to the warm potatoes. The autumnal fragrance drifts up, spicy oils released by the heat.

Squaring your shoulders, you face the wheel. You spin. Tick-tick-tick-tick. The brad of the spinner clacks merrily as it spins on its post.

Tick. Tick. Silence.

Garlic powder. Well, at least it’s normal. You rustle through your spice bin, twisting the bottles to stare at the labels. Cloves. Cardamom. Turmeric. Ah, here it is.

With trepidation and thinly-veiled glee, you shake and shake and shake.

Potatoes will never be the same again.

Spicy pic a la srqpix on Flickr