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In the US of A, in addition to today being Veteran’s Day, it’s also World Hoop Day, an international event celebrating hooping and “whirled peace.”

Colorful hoops via Flare on Flickr

Is hooping a sport? A game?

Hooping is exploratory. It’s straight-up play.

Hoopers utilize the negative and positive space between hoops and their bodies to develop complex movements, create rhythms, and just plain twirl about.

Hooping doesn’t have rules, per se. But that’s not to say it can’t be modeled as a game. (Everything can be a game!) In Wii Fit, Nintendo’s heralded exergame that got gamers moving and shaking, one of the mini-games involves hula hooping.


Hooping is considered a type of contact juggling. When one of the many juggling conventions rolls around, hoopers are welcome to show off their stuff alongside chainsaw tossers and fire flingers.

At the 2011 European Juggling Convention in Munich, a hooper named Annabel Carberry performed a comedy routine called “A Glass of Red” in which she attempted to spiritedly drink a glass of a wine.

There are a surprising number of videos of people eating while hula hooping. There’s even video evidence that Papa John’s sanctioned such a contest.

Sounds to me like a recipe for a tummyache, but to each his own!