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Bento are Japanese-style lunchboxes. Though the norm in Japan, they’ve had a recent emergence in the West. In a sense, they are an aesthetic, health-minded approach to lunch.

With so many games originating in Japan, it’s not unusual to see Japanese mothers creating bento featuring super-cool video game characters for their kids to show off to their classmates.

Not all bento have to be representative of something. It’s enough to have a mixture of foods tidily arranged.

Here are some bento blogs to give you a peek at this playful approach to food:

1. Just Bento

With a warm, pragmatic voice, Maki, the blogstress of Just Bento, offers up a breadth of knowledge on everything bento. Her companion blog, Just Hungry, is about Japanese food. Both blogs have great recipes!

2. Anna The Red’s Bento Factory

Anna the Red writes about bento and makes plushies. She created the Wind Waker-style Link bento featured in this post. When she’s not bento-ing it up, she works at a game company.

3. Lunch in a Box

Biggie offers sound advice on bento-making, including protips like freezing sauces in portions in a single Ziploc bag and ways to use leftovers. She’s been blogging for a while, so there’s a great archive of informative posts.