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Skyrim. It’s kind of a big deal. Recently released on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, this continuation of the Elder Scrolls series has been showered in acclaim. Its gorgeously masculine soundtrack and stunning visuals have garnered special attention.

Before its November release, Skyrim was marketed in a most unusual way. Bethesda, the company that created Skyrim, led a group of food truck Vikings up and down the West Coast to serve up faux-Nordic food to hungry gamers.

The Skyrim food truck stopped by PAX and UCLA, offering up such vittles as dragon leg and sweetrolls.

As far as marketing goes, the Skyrim food truck was clever indeed. Food trucks are skyrocketing in popularity, especially in urban areas. They even have a Food Network show, The Great Food Truck Race.

I do wish that the food truck served food with a bit more Scandinavian flair. It’s not all lutefisk and (mm, läcker!) salty licorice. Throw in some lingonberries, cloudberries, gooseberries. Fish, even.