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Hylian shield earrings from BohemianCraftsody on Etsy

Food has such a visual component. A good meal is a feast for the eyes as much as a feast for the stomach. There’s a reason high-end food mags hire food stylists.

But food doesn’t look good on just a tabletop tableaux: it’s also lovely as earrings, as necklaces, as pendants.

Here’s a selection of food-related jewelry from Etsy:

1. Fruit and veggie earrings from kawaiiculture

KawaiiCulture sells slightly pricey but super-detailed jewelry shaped in all manner of foods. Although their Etsy shop is mostly filled with fruit ‘n veggie earrings, there are also earrings and pendants shaped like pink circus cookies and rolled sushi.

2. Dehydrated lemon earrings from earthygreenjewelry

Dehydrated lemon earrings aren’t the only thing in Sandra Lopez’s Etsy shop, but they certainly are show-stopping. Sheer enough to filter light, these earrings make a statement.

3. Blackcurrant earrings from dekoprojects

Although blackcurrant is a popular flavoring in the UK—the tart, sweet berries flavor medicinal syrups much as cherry flavors syrups in the US—the berry is lesser known in the States. Blackcurrant was banned as a production crop in the US after the logging industry realized the plant could act as a vector for pine blight. So no blackcurrant for US.

This is just to say: blackcurrants aren’t all that well-known in the US, but they are awesome. Blackcurrant earrings share much of the same appeal!

4. Paopu fruit and sea salt ice cream necklace from grandmathunderpants

Remember paopu fruit, the star-shaped fruit from Kingdom Hearts that forever links destinies? In Kingdom Hearts II, Roxas and friends share sea salt ice cream in Twilight Town, cementing the savory-sweet treat as yet another symbolic food in the Kingdom Heart series.

Here’s a charm to encompass all Kingdom Hearts’ friendship food.