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In gamification, there’s a concept called Discovery. Essentially, players are rewarded for trying new things. Each unique action or item results in more achievements or points, the driving components of game design.

Unique image courtesy Goldmund100 on Flickr

Parents try to inject a bit of Discovery into their children’s early food experiences. Depending on personality, this task may be difficult. Some children are picky—hence the trend of hiding veggies in lunch and dinner. The idea is that stealth Discovery is better than no Discovery at all.

As time goes on, certain people gravitate towards uncovering new taste experiences. Others find trying new foods distasteful. Discovery isn’t the only way to add spice to life—or a game. But getting stuck in a rut is the human condition: people like variety!

Creative cookery and recipe development is all about Discovery. Mix some spices together in a new way. Combine a meat and a fruit for a sweet-savory fusion. Turn a solid into a liquid, and vice versa.

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In games, the reward of Discovery is obvious. Players earn more points; achievements pile up. But sweet rewards abound in cooking, too.