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Sometimes it’s surprising what still exists from the old World Wide Web.

Here’s a press release for a supermarket trade magazine extolling the partnership between Kellogg’s and Nintendo for the release of Donkey Kong Country for the Super Nintendo back in 1995.

I mentioned previously that Nintendo promoted their Nintendo Helpline on boxes of Apple Jacks when Super Mario World was released. This Donkey Kong Country promotion inserted 16-second Nintendo Helpline sweepstakes messages onto the helpline to encourage kids to buy Kellogg’s cereals for the chance to win. (I was probably one of those kids!)

These days, Kellogg is still on good terms with Nintendo. In 2010, Kellogg ran a Power Up Prize Center, where cereal-eaters could input codes from boxes of cereal to possibly win a Nintendo DS.

Kellogg’s isn’t mired to just one game company, though: their most recent promotion is to offer a code in specially-marked boxes for an exclusive Just Dance 3 song. The code is valid for both Wii and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

Obviously gamers (and small children!) enjoy cereal. With all of these successful cereal-slash-video game marketing efforts, you’d think Nintendo would have just licensed a cereal themselves and cut out the middleman.

Well, in the ’80s, Nintendo did just that.

Teaming up with the creators of Cookie Crisp, they created two kinds of Nintendo-themed cereals: one for Mario, and one for Zelda.