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Blare the Santa alarms! Christmas is a-comin’!

If you’re not up for baking or crafting, there’s just enough time to sneak in an order for a gift for your favorite foodie gamer.

Images link to either Amazon or Etsy.


1. Foodie Fight 2012 Calendar

The original Foodie Fight came out in 2007 to much acclaim. Joyce Lock, the author, decided to combine food and trivia games as her grad school thesis. The rest, as they say, is history.

Foodie Fight is similar to Trivial Pursuit. Players receive cards with questions and answers, all relating to food, and the most knowledgeable player is the winner.

This is the calendar version of Foodie Fight. It’s filled with page-a-day trivia on all sorts of foodie knowledge: culinary terms, chefs du jour, ingredients, and more.

2. All You Need Is Wine

It’s a party in a box—all you need is wine!

All You Need Is Wine helps teach novice wine enthusiasts about the various facets of wine tasting, from the floral, acetic bouquet to the swirly movement that releases it.

By providing a means for budding oenophiles to blind taste wines and to record their impressions, this game is foodie edutainment.

A Taste for Wine and Murder is a similar wine-based party game, but it has a murder mystery flair.

3. Gourmet Game Night

Game night! Think poker, D&D, Scrabble, Settlers of Catan.

Most every board or card game involves fiddly bits that can be easily sullied by dirty, sticky hands. This cookbook offers up a wide variety of appetizer ideas that are low-mess, unusual, and tasty.

Some complaints toward this book involve the complexity of the recipes. If you’re not one to poach and prod to unearth hidden tastes and textures, try to adapt some recipes from Martha Stewart’s Hors d’Oeuvres Handbook. It’s a classic for a reason.

4. Cooking Scrabble

What do you get when you combine Scrabble with cooking? Cooking Scrabble, obviously.

This flavor of Scrabble is a little different than the plain vanilla kind: it has cards, and new rules. But its focus is firmly on rewarding foodies, with food-related words scoring higher than other kinds.

Word-nerdy foodie gamers should really get into this game—assuming that they aren’t alarmed at Cooking Scrabble’s rule changes.

5. Melissa & Doug food toys

What about the young foodies in your life? Don’t they deserve some imaginative, food-themed play?

Melissa & Doug offer a wide selection of wooden food toys that offer more openness in role-play beyond the typical plastic food.

As a bonus, since the pieces are made of wood, they’re sturdy!

6. Final Fantasy potions

Have you ever played Final Fantasy and wished you had a healing potion to perk you up? (I know I have.)

Well, thanks to the marketing gurus at Square, now you can!

There are several varieties of potion available for purchase. Most are sold in blind box packaging to encourage collectability—not a bad idea, given gamers’ propensity for collecting things.

The potions pictured above are a special release for Final Fantasy XII. Thy run around the $30 range. There are also canned potions that commemorate Final Fantasy XIII.

7. BurgerTime

This Data East arcade game is a classic.

You play a hapless chef trying to build a monstrous burger, all the while being chased by foodstuffs through a twisty, ladder-y maze.

You can go oldschool and get NES copy. You can get a Wii arcade collection that includes BurgerTime. Or you can get a poster to commemorate the good times.

8. Breakfast is Power placemats

These NES-styled placemats add a touch of class(ic) to any foodie gamer’s kitchen.

Featuring both a Space Invaders theme and delightful pixel art of breakfast noms like avocado and hot tea, these placemats perfectly embody the spirit of both gamer and foodie.

(Plus they’re laminated, so they’re easy to clean.)

9. Legend of Zelda Triforce Food Pyramid cross-stitch pattern

People are far more complicated than you can imagine. The tough guy with a sweet side, the hooker with a heart of gold: these tropes are enduring because of our implicit fascination with hidden depth.

That was a long lead to say, if you can niche your gifts down enough, you’re golden.

Is your friend, in addition to being a gamer and a foodie, a crafty sort? Then for sheer randomness, they might like this cross-stitch pattern of Link holding an old, out-of-date food pyramid.

You really can find anything online!

10. Game-themed green bags for lunches

Finally, we get to the green-minded foodie gamers. Etsy is full of environmentally-friendly, game-themed lunch supplies.

These Mario Kart reusable snack bags are great for small, snacky items like cookies, crackers, or bits of cake.

For sandwiches, the Nintendo Enviro Wrap works just as well as any sandwich bag—and its infinitely more green.

If Space Invaders are more your style, here is a chic black and white snack bag.


In addition to all the goodies I’ve mentioned, don’t forget the usual gifts for nerdy, food ‘n games types: Cooking Mama and other food-explicit games, casual games like Diner Dash, crazy scientific cookbooks, fancy kitchen gadgets, molecular gastronomy supplies.

Basically, think of the foodie gamer mindset. Both foodies and gamers appreciate playfulness in combination, in creation. Aim for a gift that embodies a sense of play or a love of food.