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There are two versions of the snacking sprite depicting Ema Skye, the detective-scientist extraordinaire from Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.

In the first, Ema munches calmly on her Snackoos, her faraway gaze glazed over with boredom. She appears to be listening, but her attention is elsewhere. She reaches into the bag slowly.

As she grows more agitated, her chewing intensifies. Eating becomes an emotional release. She grabs fistfuls of Snackoos, one after the other. The expression on her face doesn’t change, but her body language says otherwise.


When you finally get through to her, she stops eating and focuses on the task at hand. But throughout the game, her snacking is a habit of boredom and frustration.

Her dual passion for justice and scientific inquiry is a major part of her character. After the events prior to Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice, Ema has become cloistered into herself, dispassionate. In a way, food is an outlet—albeit an unhealthy one.