Food. So primal, it serves as the foundation of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Myths and legends—and, more prosaically, wars—have sprung from the allure of wicked fruit.

But food is more than simple sustenance. Through appearance, texture, taste, and smell, it engages all the senses. Even sound plays a role in the acoustics of a crispbread’s snap or the cheerful bubbling of English-style bubble and squeak.

Food intersects with science, with technology, with culture. It brims with creativity and innovation. Foodways constantly shift and grow as people engage with them.

But food isn’t alone in this regard. Play, too, has been with us since the beginning. Whether governed by reams of rules or encompassed by anarchist, sandbox-style freeplay, games are present in even the most mundane daily tasks.

I’m a long-time gamer and a life-long foodie. For me, combining food and games is as delicious as mixing chocolate with peanut butter.

Whether it’s pizza inspiring Pac-Man’s gaping visage or Iron Chef gamifying a multi-course meal, food fits naturally with play—and vice versa.

Hopefully you’ll leave with food for thought.


Questions? Comments?

You can get in touch at fudology at gmail dot com.


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