Disney does candy dice, too!


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Speaking of candy dice, here’s a Disney recipe for candy dice inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean.

The dice are just marshmallow fudge spiked with chocolate chips, but don’t they look tasty?


Bitmob’s Video-Game-Mascot Eating Disorder (VGMED) comic


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Here’s a small comic posted on Bitmob about non-human video game characters with disordered eating.

Characters in attendance include Yoshi, Pac-Man, Kirby, and even a Dopefish, “second-dumbest creature in the universe” and a voracious eater.

Although the Dopefish originated in Commander Keen 4, it’s made many cameos since in games such as Quake, Max Payne, and even Psychonauts.

Roll for deliciousness: candy dice on Kickstarter


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Here’s a man aiming to provide tabletop gamers with sweet dice.

After quitting his job, author Mario Lurig (not Mario Mario!) decided to devote himself full-time to his pet projects, one of them being the casting and production of dice in chocolate and hardened sugar.

To this end, he created a Kickstarter project. If he gets funding, he’s planning on producing a full range of dice: 4-sided dice, 6-sided dice, 20-sided dice, whatever.

Dice via Olaf on Flickr

His Kickstarter pledge session is nearly over. As of this post, there are only four days left to pledge! If you want to see these chocolate dice at indie comic shops across the nation—and want to receive a pair yourself—be sure to pop by and pledge by late Wednesday night.

Game-themed gingerbread


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Merry Christmas, if that’s your bag of tricks! It’s been wonderful over here.

Geekologie posted a Mario-themed gingerbread setup a few years back. The Super Mario Holiday background is made up of individual candies arranged in a mosaic, and the sugar sculptures are filled with nerdy minutiae.

Gingerbread houses don’t have to look like stock image Western houses. Here’s a Portal-themed take on a gingerbread abode taken from kontraband’s nerdy gingerbread roundup.

Finally, here’s a slightly bizarre gingerbread Link taken from Toxel’s gingerbread roundup. He looks too stoic to be a sweet cookie!


Christmas pudding, light my fire


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Fiery pudding

Fiery pudding via MinimalistPhotography101.com on Flickr

My family’s always had a tradition of making Cornish pasties for Christmas lunch, stuffing them with shredded potatoes and onion and ground beef, leaving out carrot slices in lieu of rutabaga or turnip. (My uncle grouses about the carrot.)

But here’s a real English Christmas tradition: Christmas pudding.

Christmas pudding is a heavy, cakey pudding filled with spices, dried fruits, and suet. When doused in brandy and rum, the pudding rehydrates. Oftentimes, it’s set aflame.

Christmas pudding is usually made way, way, way before Christmas rolls around. Many families usually hide trinkets inside the pudding, with the person who finds the token receiving good luck or good tidings for the year to come. Tokens include wishbones, thimbles, tiny anchors, and silver coins.

Via aroid on Flickr

In making the pudding, it’s common for everyone in the house to have at least one stir of suet-fruit mixture. The annual stir accounts for one Christmas wish.

“Now bring us some figgy pudding…”